Shyam Kishore Shrivastava, MD, PhD.
President of FARO

Dear Colleagues,


It is my great pleasure to be able to greet you through the new FARO website “”. I am grateful to the members for supporting the FARO, all these years. The purpose of FARO is to foster communication among the radiation oncology professionals in Asia and to improve the radiation therapy for the benefit of cancer patients in our region.
I am aware that several FARO members are involved in outstanding research and academic activities in the crusade against cancer and improving the treatment outcome for our patients. I feel FARO is an excellent platform for combined efforts in such activities. I am sure 'we can and we will conquer' the problems, we do face by sharing our experience with each other. I request members of FARO for close cooperation in FARO activities. We will be happy to receive suggestions to build FARO stronger. We are looking forward to the opportunity to congregate and celebrate our achievements in our next FARO meeting in the Philippines in 2021.    
Currently, we are facing a new challenge around the globe due to Covid-19 pandemic, and communication through the internet has become a part of our new way of life. I am sure we will be able to continue to provide the information in the Asian and global radiation oncology communities through our website. 
Please stay safe and healthy in this challenging time.
Shyam Kishore Shrivastava
President FARO

Takashi Nakano, MD, PhD.
Secretary General of FARO

Dear Colleagues and Friends,


I am very excited to greet all of you upon the renewal of our website with the new address of “”. In the 2nd Preparatory Meeting, which was held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia on November 3, 2014, national organizations from 11 countries formally agreed to the foundation of the Federation of Asian Organizations for Radiation Oncology (FARO).  FARO is established to build a strong union of national radiation oncology societies in Asia and ultimately to improve the healthcare for the patients by cooperation in research, education, and clinical practice of radiation therapy among the member societies.  FARO now has 14 official member organizations from Asia and has successfully hosted 4 scientific meetings in the region of Asia.  I expect that FARO will continue to grow further in the future.


I hope that this new website “” will be a good channel of information exchange among our colleagues in Asia and around the world.  Please keep connected with each other and be strong!


Takashi Nakano, MD, PhD.
Secretary General of FARO