Terms of Reference for Leadership Development Program Committee (LDP)

1. The purpose of the Committee is to prepare and implement Leadership Development Program to foster future leaders in radiation oncology in the FARO Member Countries.


2. The activity of the Committee, can include but not limited to

  • To foster and uphold teamwork, passion, respect, integrity, and friendship across member countries
  • To identify the experienced instructors imparting leadership skills and designing management kits
  • To conduct workshops and training program during FARO meetings or other occasions
  • To develop culture of decision making, teambuilding and communication among member countries
  • To develop managers and leaders in areas apart from the expertise of radiation oncology such as entrepreneurship and ownership
  • To evaluate and audit effectiveness of Leadership Development Program from time to time

3. The Committee should comprise of members of FARO Member Societies/Associations: with one senior radiation oncologist and one young radiation oncologist (preferably with experience of participating in previous LDP program) from each Society.


4. The Committee Chair should be appointed by the Officers and approved by the Council. The Chair should appoint the deputy Chair.


5. The terms of the Committee Chair and Members should be 2 years, coinciding with the terms of the Officers, with possibility of repeat appointment.


6. Committee should meet regularly (preferably monthly) and should report to FARO Officers and FARO Council Members.


7. Committee should work in conjunction with other FARO Committees / working groups.